Building Trust: the Nell’s experience

Fonte: Nelly

Our activities consisted of excursions to caves, sensorial centre and tactile museum (or also Touching art museum). Beside it we had discussions on our main topic (such as currier and visual impairment, sport and visual impairment, travelling and visual impairment, etc.).

Now briefly about each activity.

Guided visit into Frasassi’s Caves. The Frasassi’s Caves are the biggest and most famous caves in Italy. Until now just 13 km have been explored, but the esteemed length is 35 km. Only 1,5 km of this crystalline land is open to visitors. The guided tour lasted for about an hour and during the visit participants could explore stalagmites and stalactites.

The Italian Center of Sensory Analysis of Matelica – activity about producing perfumes. During the activity we were told about history and ingredients of perfumes. We had opportunity to create a small amount of individual perfumes.

The Museo Tattile Statale Omero. It`s the museum of art (ancient architecture, different styles of sculpture from different centuries, the old European history, culture and art etc). All the exhibitions are adapted to suit the specific needs of its visitors (the visually impaired and the blind). In the museum there are some famous historical buildings (temples, churches) made in miniature for the blind to touch and understand how it looked in reality, some sculptures were in natural size and some pictures were made in 4-dementias format. Such exhibitions are for the visually impaired and the blind to promote the cultural growth and better knowledge about art, culture, history.

Free time we could spend in swimming pool or beside it playing the ball, playing table-tennis or walking in countryside surrounded by mountains. In the evenings we always had disco with music and karaoke in all possible languages. Once in the late evening we went for a walk to a lake which was just 7 km away. So, we walked 7 km in one direction!!! In the end of our tour I felt a sleep while walking! Could not ever imagine it was possible!

We had also National evenings – the evenings when one of national groups had to prepare a meal for dinner and present their country and culture.

One evening we had an activity “dinner in the dark”. While this activity all the possible sources of natural and artificial light were totally closed, abounded. The purpose of this activity was to experience and understand how the blind people fill leaving without any help of light.
We stayed at the guests house in quiet place in country side in the mountains (the Central Apennines). There was no petrol smell, no cars` noise, only countryside and joyful voices of participants. In this exchange were youngsters from Italy, France, Latvia, Hungary, Slovenia and Spain.